May Board Report

The Board has switched to a second-monthly meeting cycle, with active subgroups working to progress the Strategic Plan.

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April Board Report

ARATA's Board met for a 2 day strategic planning weekend in Melbourne on 1&2 April.

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March Board Report

SYDNEYSIDERS: where are you? We are seeking ARATA members who may be attending the Sydney ATSA Expo Volunteer here

CALLING AT USERS: co-authorship opportunity 

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February Board Report

This month’s Board report focusses on national and international activities.

Volunteers Required!

Nationally, the upcoming Sydney and Brisbane ATSA EXPO's are an opportunity for ARATA members to connect, contribute and earn CPD points! Volunteer to staff the ARATA booth and participate in the workshop HERE

International Representation

ARATA was one of the few AT Professional Organisations to be invited to the  Rehabilitation 2030 Summit in Geneva, Switzerland. ARATA was represented by a longstanding member and past Board member, Dr Emma Friesen, who currently resides in the Netherlands. Read on for ARATA's message to the Summit and Submitted Statement.

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January Board Update
December Update from the President
November Update from the President
October Update from the President
September Update from the President
Free Access to Top 20 AT Articles

The Eleventh Edition of Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology is now complete. In celebration of this achievement,  free downloads are available of the top 20 cited articles since volume 1, number 1.

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Update from the AATC 2018 Co-convenors

 Appointment of Professional Conference Organiser (PCO)

As per our previous update to ARATAees, All Occasions (AO) Group have been appointed as the PCO for AATC 2018. AO have appointed Claire Amor-Haynes as a key project manager for AATC 2018. Some ARATA members may be familiar with Claire as she has led PCO work in the delivery of AGOSCI 2017.

 Save the month...

Thank you to all those ARATA members who provided feedback on options for 'the best' month to run AATC in 2018. As one member so succinctly put it, "you are never going to be able to please everyone" but we have certainly tried to take your feedback, map out responses and look for the 'best' option to allow as many ARATA members to attend as possible. Based on feedback (and depending upon venue availability) we are aiming to run AATC 2018 in the second half of November 2018 in Melbourne.

 A venue

One of the unique features of our ARATA membership base is the range of AT you are involved in as a result of your work or daily life. In the early stages of conference preparations, a key focus is to ensure inclusive access of the AATC 2018 venue for all attendees, and also to allow our exhibitors to display vehicles and other large equipment items that need special access to a venue. It has become apparent that the number of venues from which we can chose is reduced by these very necessary requirements and we are working through a list of venues that will best meet our delegates' needs.

 Full day conference planning session

AO will be hosting a full day planning session for the AATC 2018 conference convenors, 2016 AATC convenors, and ARATA board members on Monday 5th June 2017 in Melbourne. This will include a half day of site inspections of short listed venues, and then an afternoon session planning out key tasks and aspects of the conference.  We look forward to updating members on the outcomes of this full day session.


ARATA member volunteers to assist with delivery of AATC 2018

Following the full day conference planning session, we will be making contact with ARATA members who have already expressed interest in assisting (in either big or small roles) with AATC 2018 based on our previous call out to members - if you haven't already, please do let us know if you would like to lend some assistance to deliver a fantastic AATC 2018. Further detail on the range of roles will be provided in the next member update on AATC 2018.

 Conference key partners/collaborators

As part of initial preparations for AATC 2018, we have been reviewing MoUs with past project partners and collaborators and meeting with key stakeholders to discuss options for collaboration on AATC 2018. More details regarding our work will be provided in the next update to members.

 Please do not hesitate to email Libby or Tracey if you have any suggestions, or further questions, regarding AATC 2018.
We are really excited to be working with you all to deliver a fantastic AATC 2018. We are also very grateful for the ongoing input of the ARATA president, Board and, specifically, Sue Lord and Wendy Stevens as we all work together to progress the conference preparations.

 Libby Callaway and Tracey Bode


ARATA is a national association whose purpose is to serve as a forum for information sharing and liaison between people who are involved with the use, recommendation, customisation, supply and ongoing support of assistive technology.

We are a members based organisation and encourage all people to join our association.  Please visit our members section of our website for further details.

Download the ARATA Brochure (pdf, 1.1 mb)

Please visit the about us section of our website for further details.

Practice Supports

ARATA members form a community of practice through membership of the ARATA listserv, with expertise across a wide range of AT devices and service types.

ARATA Projects to inform public policy

ARATA has invested in a major piece of policy work regarding AT Practitioners and the NDIS. ARATA jointly won Practical Design Funds to conduct a project on Establising Quality in the AT Practice and Supply Sectors. 'click here' or 'go to publications'

Please visit the NDIS website for further updates and information about the progress of the scheme.

ARATA are proud supporters of Global Cooperation on Assistive Technology (GATE)

GATE logo

The World Health Organisation’s (WHO) GATE Initiative has only one goal – to improve access to high-quality affordable Assistive Products, responding to the call to increase access to essential, high-quality, safe, effective and affordable medical products, one of the six WHO leadership priorities.

Related articles written by Emily Steel:
Australia in Global Cooperation on Assistive Health Technology (GATE)
Global Conference on Assistive Devices and Technology, Beijing October 29-30 2015

“Toward consensus on Assistive Technology (AT) Terminology and Scope in Australia”

IN 2016 ARATA and the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) hosted a seminar to discuss assistive technology provision for people with disability as a local and global priority. Held at  Nossal Institute, University of Melbourne and teleconferenced around Australia, this event brought together global, Australian and local perspective and started an important conversation regarding AT in Australia, and how to identify, provide and describe it.

Click here for presentations by the speakers
·  Chapal Khasnabis (WHO) ‘What is the GATE initiative and why now?’ (Large file 3.9Mb)
·  Dr Natasha Layton (ARATA, AHPA) ‘How AT enables inclusion’
·  Dr Lloyd Walker (NDIA) ‘Improving AT provision in Australia and beyond

To view the full video (1hr 47 min) of the seminar, visit this link