ARATA celebrates 20 Years
Sep 6, 2014

2014 saw ARATA celebrate its 20th Birthday.

ARATA Birthday cake

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Assistive Technology in Action
Sep 1, 2014

“Assistive technologies have made a massive difference and really opened up my world,” Stephen says. “And it’s broken down a lot of barriers.”

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ARATA anounces results of board elections
Aug 23, 2014

We are excited to announce the results of today's ARATA board meeting


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Department of Social Services: Discussion Paper: Key Directions for the Commonwealth Home Support Programme
Aug 6, 2014

Key Directions for the Commonwealth Home Support Programme is available to download from the Department of Social Services website.


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Canberra's engineering students assist making life better for disabled
Aug 6, 2014

Disability groups have welcomed collaboration between Australian National University students and an assistive technology engineering firm to create low-cost technology.


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Robotic pets for seniors?
Aug 4, 2014

Paro is an interactive or "socially assistive" robots that university researchers and tech companies are developing for people with special needs, such as seniors with dementia, children with autism and adults who have suffered strokes or other conditions.


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Assistive Technology puts creativity within reach
Aug 4, 2014

If you’re a person with the full use of your arms and legs, and you’ve found video editing software a challenge, your ego is about to take a tumble.

Christopher Hills, 18, is quadriplegic, born with athetoid cerebral palsy, which severely limits his ability to control muscle function and speech. Basically, his brain works fine but to use a computer he relies on his neck muscles to operate a switch control.


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ARATA is a national association whose purpose is to serve as a forum for information sharing and liaison between people who are involved with the use, prescription, customisation, supply and ongoing support of assistive technology.

Our focus is the advancement of rehabilitation and assistive technology in Australia, through activities including conferences, special interest groups,  a website, listserver, membership directory and a newsletter.

ARATA is also a signatory of the Tokushima Agreement between allied organisations in Japan, Europe, America and Australia. The aim of this agreement is to foster cooperation between these organisations and their members.

ARATA publishes a newsletter for members three times a year. This is distributed electronically with other formats available.

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AT Practitioners and the National Disability Insurance Scheme

As part of the gathering of good practice to establish the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), the ARATA board engaged an expert project team to draw together ARATA's policy and evidence base around assistive technology practice.

The ARATA project team, coordinated by Lloyd Walker includes Gunela Astbrink, Natasha Layton and Michael Summers, brings a wide range of specialist expertise in assistive technology and ensures the voice of AT practitioners is well represented.

ARATA's position in relation to AT and the NDIS was lauched at our August 2012 conference.

Establishing quality in the AT Practice & Supply Sectors

This joint project between ARATA and the Assistive Technology Suppliers' Association (ATSA) gives the background and the suggested approach to establishing an Australian national accreditation system for AT practitioners and suppliers.

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Please visit the NDIS website for further updates and information about the progress of the scheme.

Our Next Conference


Following from our recent 2014 conference, ARATA is exploring a number of exciting opportunities for our next conference.   Members will be kept up to date when details are finalised.

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