Day 1 Wednesday 27 July 2016
7.30 am
Registration desk open
9.00 am - 9.30 am
Welcome to Country, Conference Opening & Introduction
9.30 am - 10.30 am
Keynote Address: Sustainable assistive technology provision
Surfers Paradise Room 2&3
Dr Rosie Gowran, Chair: Wendy Stevens
10.30 am - 11.00 am
Exhibition, Morning Tea & Posters
Surfers Paradise Room 2&3
Coolangatta Room 2
Coolangatta Room 3
Coolangatta Room 4
Chair: Sue Lord
Chair: Cheryl Jones
Chair: Amy Bjornson
Chair: Emily Steel
11.00 am - 12.30 pm
Workshop: The National Disability
Workshop: Wheelchair and Seating
Workshop: My iPad, My Learning, My
Oral Session: Products Service &
Insurance Scheme: Understanding
Workshop: Empowering Confident
Life - The iPad As Assistive Technology
Systems - Transforming Lives
The Principles and Paradigms and
Collaborative Approach to Appropriate
Their Interface With Assistive Technology
Assistive Technology Selection
Lean On Me: Use Of Peer Training

Schmidt, Duncan and Ahern
Paper and Abstract

Models to Leverage Limited Resources
and Maximize Knowledge Sharing to
Ensure Continued Access to Digital
Literacy for Deafblind Australians.
Tellefson 11.00 am
You’re Never Too Young to ‘AT’:
Introducing Assistive Technology to Young
Children With Complex Needs
Pashen, Robinson, Skorzewski 11.17 am
Accessible Virtual Art - Using Technology
to Promote Upper Limb Movement and
Hobbs, Paczynski, Diment, Reynolds
11.34 am
How Many AT Practitioners Does it Take
to Change a Lightbulb?
Buchanan, Steel, Layton, Wilson
11.51 am
Transforming Access to Assistive
Technology in South Australia
Martin 12.08 pm
12.30 pm - 1.30 pm
Exhibition, Lunch & Posters
1.30 pm - 2.30 pm
Plenary Session: AT in Australia: a conversation about Australian Policy
Surfers Paradise Room 2&3
Dr Lloyd Walker (NDIS), Corey Irlam (COTA)
Chair: Rachel Norris
Surfers Paradise Room 2&3
Coolangatta Room 2
Coolangatta Room 3
Coolangatta Room 4
Chair: Sue Lord
Chair: Wendy Hubbard
Chair: Sally Hunter
Chair: James Dean
2.30 pm - 3.30 pm
Oral Session: Technology and its
Oral Session: Integrating Powered
Oral Session: Accessing Information
Oral Session: Home Modification
Applications A
Mobility Solutions
and Services
Practice and Service Delivery
Assistive Technology Gets the Personal
My Assistive Technology: At Times a
Equip Myself - An App Developed to
Best Practice in Home Modification
Perilous Ride, but Alls Well that Ends
Support Choice and Control for
Service Delivery
McGill, Stuart
McAuliffe, O’Connell 2.30 pm
2.30 pm
Reily, Hales 2.30 pm
Savage, Rigden 2.30 pm
Evaluating Home Modifications:
Accessing Virtual Reality: A State of Play
Intergration and Evaluation of Jaco
Using an AT Handbook to Transform
Developing an Outcome Measure
Harraway 2.40 pm
Robotic Arm With Electrical
the AT Process into a Collaborative
Focused on the Experience of Home
and Empowering Experience for
Aplin, de Jonge, Gustafsson, Chien
Client Specific Assistive Technology
Pasumarthy 2.47 pm
2.47 pm
Through Rapid Prototyping
Sanders, de Jonge 2.47 pm
Gordon 2.57 pm
Advanced Electronics and Integration
Governance Framework Within Home
from Powered Mobility is System
Telerehabilitation: Measuring From a
Modification Models
3D Printing: Improving Cost and
Integration the Way to Go?
Burton, Hubbard 3.04 pm
Accessibility to Custom Assistive
Bjornson 3.04 pm
Maharaj, Fountain, Slattery 3.04 pm
Pasumarthy, McLennan 3.14 pm
3.30 pm - 4.00 pm Exhibition, Afternoon Tea & Posters
Surfers Paradise Room 2&3
Coolangatta Room 2
Coolangatta Room 3
Coolangatta Room 4
Chair: Jane Sander
Chair: Rachael Schmidt
Chair: Carolyn Unsworth
Chair: Catherine Hilly
4.00 pm - 5.30 pm
Oral Session: Technology and its
Workshop: Problem Solving for Seated
Workshop: The Assistive Technology
Oral Session: Technology in The Home
Application B
Curriculum: Content, Priorities and
Technology for Living: Opening Life’s
Inclusive Living - Adaptable Living &
Doors Project Feedback
Working Solutions
Lockwood, Kong, White 4.00 pm
Johnstone 4.00 pm
Users’ Experience of Environmental
Tracking Down a Solution: Exploring the
Control Systems: Literature Review
Acceptability and Value of Wearable
Hooper, Verdonck, Amsters, Myburg
GPS Devices for Older Persons and
4.17 pm
Individuals With a Disability and Their
Support Persons
Non-Verbal Home Automation Using NFC
Williamson, Aplin, de Jonge, Goyne
Gordon 4.34 pm
4.10 pm
5 Rooms Of AT - A Supplier’s Perspective
Collaborating With the Community to
of a Research Project Upgrading a Group
Develop a Smart-Phone Chat Bot
Dean 4.51 pm
Liddle, Ireland, Knuepffer 4.27 pm
Using Technology to Measure Lifespace
(Community Mobility) of People With
Dementia Living in the Community: What
Did we Learn?
Liddle, Ireland, Harrison, Brodaty
4.44 pm
The Connected Person: The Benefits of
In-Home Telehealth Monitoring
5.01 pm
5.30 pm - 6.30 pm Welcome Reception - Conference Exhibition Area, Jupiter’s Hotel and Casino
Day 2 Thursday 28 July 2016
7.30 am
Registration desk opens
8.00 am - 10.00 am Breakfast Session
Southport Rooms 1&2
Towards an Australian Position on Good Practice in Assistive Technology
Chair: Rachel Norris
10.00 am - 11.00 am Plenary Session:
Surfers Paradise Room 2&3
Transforming AT Practice: Lessons Learned - Linda Elsaesser
Chair: Dr Natasha Layton
11.00 am - 11.30 am Exhibition, Morning Tea and Posters
Surfers Paradise Room 2&3
Coolangatta Room 2
Coolangatta Room 3
Coolangatta Room 4
Chair: Trina Phuah
Chair: Rachael Schmidt
Chair: Tracey Bode
Chair: Desleigh DeJonge
11.30 am - 1.00 pm Oral Session: Repair and Reissue
Workshop: Controlling the
Workshop: Learning AAC &
Workshop: Public Review as a
World Through the Wheelchair
Eye-Gaze is Hard! Where do
Means of Quality Assurance
Factors for Consideration in Best Practice Assistive
we Start?
Under NDIS
Technology Reissue Model
Beecher Kelk, Moffat
Burton 11.30 am
Oral Session: ‘Pick A Part’ - Reissue Complex Componentry
Made Easy
Wakeling 11.47 am
Oral Session: The ZYTEQ Assistive Technology
Management and Maintenance Guide
Bode, Hughes 12.04 pm
Oral Session: The Power Wheelchair Reallocation Program
from Pilot to Business as Usual
Arauio, Foreman 12.21 pm
Oral Session: AT Repairs: An Essential Service for Users
Kuna, Massy-Westropp, Popovich 12.38 pm
1.00 pm - 2.00 pm Exhibition, Lunch and Posters
Surfers Paradise Room 2&3
Coolangatta Room 2
Coolangatta Room 3
Coolangatta Room 4
Chair: Nicki Longmire
Chair: Emily Steel
Chair: Sally Hunter
Chair: Rebecca Howard
2.00 pm - 3.30 pm
Oral /Spotlight Session: Seating and
Workshop: Promoting an Assistive
Workshop: Empowering Schools to
Oral Session: Service Evaluation
Technology Service Standard
Transform Communication in Their
Making Economic Arguments for Social
Wheelchair and Seating Prescription
Litton, Brien
Outcomes: Strategies For AT Practitioners
Practices in the Rehabilitation Setting:
and AT Users to ‘Make The Case’ for
What are the Outcomes for Clients?
Optimal AT Solutions
Robertson, Laver, Lannin, Watterson,
Layton 2.00 pm
Barr 2.00 pm
How Well are Current Outcome
Empowering Person-Centred Selection of
Approaches Capturing the Empowering
Assistive Technology Aligned to 24 Hour
and Transformative Impacts of Assistive
Positioning Management
Schmidt 2.17 pm
De Jonge, Stevens 2.17 pm
Progressing Postural Changes. How to
Participants’ Satisfaction with an Allied
Address Them Without Compromising
Health Assistive Technology Advisory
Funding Requirements?
Telephone Service
Santiago 2.34 pm
Verdonck, Flynn, Stevens, Dunn
2.34 pm
Using Thermography to Predict the Onset
of Pressure Injuries in Wheelchair Users
Delivering an AT Service: A
Contoyannis, Johnston, Munanto,
Bioengineering Perspective Towards
Sutanto, Vien, Rowe, Young 2.51 pm
Client Focused Assistive Technology in
New Zealand
The Virtual Seating Coach: New
Quek, Hogg, Bader, Wicksteed
Technology for Compliance Monitoring
2.51 pm
Love 3.08 pm
Service-Related Factors Linked to the Use
Pre and Post the NDIS: Lynne’s Story
or Non-Use of Assistive Devices: A
Layton, Foreman 3.25 pm
Systematic Review
Evans, Verdonck 3.08 pm
3.30 pm - 4.00 pm
Exhibition, Afternoon Tea and Posters
Surfers Paradise Room 2&3
Coolangatta Room 2
Coolangatta Room 3
Coolangatta Room 4
Chair: Tammy Aplin
Chair: Emily Steel
Chair: David Harraway
Chair: Peter Slattery
4.00 pm - 5.30 pm
Oral Session: Wheeled Mobility and
Workshop: Connecting Assistive
Workshop: Apps Across the Curriculum-
Workshop: Meeting the Standard
Technology Assessments to Assistive
Supporting Diverse Learners With
Contoyannis, Bingham, Morris, Brown,
Products and Technologies
Google and IOS
The Meaning of Wheeled Mobility
Devices - a Metasynthesis
Verdonck, Ripat, Carter 4.00 pm
Can You Really Have it All? Designing
Housing Modification and Transport for
Independence Services to Meet the
Needs and Service Expectations of
People With a Significant Disability, and
the Funding Insurer. The New Zealand
ACC Experience.
Hinds-Brown, Pascoe 4.17 pm
Oral Session: The Influence of Public
Transport Accessibility on Consumer
Choice and Use of Mobility Aids
Unsworth, Tay, Wibowo, Console,
Sullivan, Schneiders, Simpson,
Henwood, Field 4.34 pm
Oral Session: Best Practice for the Safe
Transportation of Persons With Disability
in Vehicles.
Robison, Clark 4.51 pm
7.00 pm -10.30 pm
Conference Party - Southport Rooms 1 & 2, Jupiter’s Hotel and Casino
Day 3 Friday 29 July 2016
Registration desk opens
9.00 am - 10.30 am
Plenary Session: Competency, Capability, Credentialling
Surfers Paradise Room 2&3
Chair: Rachel Norris
10.30 am - 11.00 am
Morning Tea and Posters
Surfers Paradise Room 2&3
Coolangatta Room 2
Coolangatta Room 3
Coolangatta Room 4
Chair: Desleigh De Jonge
Chair: Nedra Playford
Chair: John Vasil
Chair: Dr Natasha Layton
11.00 am - 12.30 pm
Oral Session: Assistive Technology
Workshop: Let’s Talk Mounting: Practical
Oral Session: Supporting Education
Workshop: A Sustainable Community of
Training and Professional Development
Considerations, Collaborative Solutions.
with Technology
Practice Model for Assistive Technology
Phuah, Lynn
Novice Practitioners Using the Assistive
Making it Happen: Implementing
Technology Evaluation and Selection
Assistive Technology in Primary
Tool to Select Appropriate Assistive
Isbel, McCabe, Steel, Lai 11.00 am
Hilly, Taylor, Langford 11.00 am
Assistive Technology Provision by
Australian Allied Health Professionals: A
A Collaborative Classroom Approach
Cross Sectional Survey
for Transforming Communication
Huxley, Verdonck, Stevens 11.17 am
Litton, Brien 11.17 am
Empowering Front Line Care Staff to
Adaptive Technology Assessment Guide
Realise AT Opportunities
Waller 11.34 am
Du Cann, de Jonge 11.34 am
A Client Centred Approach to Assistive
Development of an Assistive Technology
Continuing Professional Development
Technology in the University Environment
Program for Health Professionals
Garside, Wortel 11.51 pm
Unsworth, Carton, Hubbard, Burton
11.51 am
Evaluation of a Family-Centred Assistive
Technology Provision Training Package
for Rural Therapists.
Stewart, Stanley, Gilbert-Hunt, Berndt,
Murray, Jewell
12.08 pm
12.30 pm - 1.30 pm
Lunch and Posters
ARATA Annual General Meeting (Surfers Paradise Room 2&3)
Surfers Paradise Room 2&3
Coolangatta Room 2
Coolangatta Room 3
Coolangatta Room 4
Chair: David Hobbs
Chair: Michele Verdonck
Chair: Bill Contoyannis
Chair: Jenni Dabelstein
1.30 pm - 3.00 pm
Workshop: The NDIS Approach to
Oral Session: AAC Eye-Gaze and
Workshop: Apps and AT to Support
Workshop: Using the Australian
Choice, Control and Decision-making
Head Tracking
Executive Functioning
Therapy Outcome Measures (Austoms)
in AT
to Assist Determine the Effectiveness of
Walker, Nolan
The Chat Fit AAC and Exercise
Assistive Technologies
Programme Pilot Project at St Giles
Hockley, Oliver 1.30 pm
A Clinical Reasoning Framework for
Implementation of Eye Gaze Technology
- Meeting the Challenges and Choices.
Williams 1.47 pm
The Use of Eye Gaze Technology:
Increasing Participation and Choices for
People With Cerebral Palsy
Potgieter, Stone, Bech, Smithers-
Sheedy, Wallen 2.04 pm
Using Your Head
Smith 2.21 pm
Windows of Opportunity for Eye Gaze
Cullen, Tijdhof 2.38 pm
Road Testing Head-Tracking Devices
Bode, Hughes 2.55 pm
3.00 pm - 4.30 pm
Plenary Session:
Surfers Paradise Room 2&3
Where to from Here for Assistive Technology In Australia
Chairs: Dr Natasha Layton and Wendy Stevens
Announcement of Awards: Better Technology Awards (Engineers Australia); Soft Technology and Industry Awards (ARATA); Best Paper and Best Workshop Awards
(Occupational Therapy Australia)
4.30 pm
Conference Close