Our Mission

ARATA is the national peak body representing rehabilitation & assistive technology stakeholders. ARATA's mission is to build and sustain an inclusive assistive technology community of practice.

Our Activities

ARATA’s activities aim to advance rehabilitation and assistive technologies in Australia by supporting and promoting best practice for rehabilitation and assistive technology provision.  Please refer to the ARATA ‘Making a Difference with AT’ documents

ARATA aims to do this by:

  • Providing a national forum for information sharing and liaison between people who are involved with the use, selection, customisation, supply, research and ongoing support of rehabilitation and assistive technologies;
  • Developing and supporting the national rehabilitation and assistive technology community of practice;
  • Representing Australia in collaboration with other international rehabilitation and assistive technology peak bodies, including as a signatory to the Alliance of Assistive Professional Organizations, and the CREATe Asia Agreement.
  • Stimulating and fostering a culture of research, innovation, collaboration and continuing professional development;
  • Disseminating good practice knowledge and practice wisdom to policymakers, service providers, researchers and academics, rehabilitation and assistive technology specialists and consumers; and
  • Pro-actively engaging in strategic partnerships with national and international associations, across systems and sectors to inform government and non-government policy, systems and resources.


ARATA will support the development, dissemination and utilisation of knowledge and practice of rehabilitation and assistive technology that contributes to equity and inclusion of people with disability and Australian society by:

  1. Serving as a peak body and national forum for rehabilitation and assistive technology stakeholders;
  2. Undertaking, supporting and promoting scientific, literary, professional and educational activities; and
  3. Promoting active participation of people with disability in the community.

Our Strategic Goals are:

  • Influence policy and sector reforms to embed good practice and equitable service delivery;
  • Support and develop assistive technology knowledge and skills by:
    - promoting specialised skills and knowledge in assistive and rehabilitation technologies;
    - supporting good practice principles in service delivery;
  • Develop, strengthen and support assistive technology research, practice and profile, locally and globally;
  • Ensure ARATA’s sustainability, financial viability and relevance.