The ARATA Listserver is provided to facilitate communication between members. Messages emailed to aratamembers will be automatically forwarded to every other member who is on the list.

About "aratamembers" Listserver

The listserver is an open, unmoderated web forum intended to facilitate discussion and exchanges of ideas. The value of "aratamembers" is the collective knowledge and experience of ARATA members, which can be shared to benefit people with disabilities. Anything to do with ARATA or the assistive technology field can be discussed freely, provided it is consistent with the mission and objectives of ARATA. For example, arata-ls is the place to:

  • Seek assistance from others regarding technology applications
  • Let members know about research projects you are undertaking
  • Share technology solutions
  • Publicise funding opportunities
  • Advertise job vacancies
  • Promote conferences, seminars
  • Tell others about the availability of interesting publications, new equipment, etc

Members have a duty to use the listserver responsibly and to avoid causing offense to other users or embarrassment to ARATA. As a guideline, the following activities are considered to be inconsistent with the mission and objectives of ARATA, and therefore unsuitable uses of the listserver:

  • Requesting or offering advice pertaining to the medical or therapeutic treatment of an individual
  • Advertising of goods or services for sale, other than in direct response to a request for information
  • Members are expected to declare any commercial interest if recommending equipment or devices via the ARATA listserver, and are also expected to offer advice which is reasonably within the limits of their knowledge.

Joining arata-ls

The ARATA Listserver is for members of ARATA and similar organisations (e.g. RESNA and AATE). You can participate on the list by joining ARATA and checking the listserver box on the ARATA Membership Form, or contacting the ARATA Membership Coordinator and providing your preferred email address.

Please note, aratamembers is:

  • Limited to one email per membership (you can change the registered address anytime using the preferences link below)
  • Restricted to messages sent from the nominated email address
  • Reconciled each year one month after the deadline for membership renewals, and non-members unsubscribed

Members are added to the Listserver when they join ARATA unless they request not to. You can change personal preferences, retrieve a lost password, and put mail on hold while you are away.

Sending a message to the list

The listserver automatically dispatches your message to each subscriber.

To send a message to the list:

  • Send your email to:
  • Keep formatting simple - formatted messages and/or email signatures sent in styled or html markup can overly complicate a message and confuse screen reading software
  • Don't "Cc" list messages to other lists, people or organisations
  • Keep your comments brief and to the point - this is a large list
  • Keep your reply comments near the top of the message, and only quote essential parts of previous messages - this way there are less quote markings for others to wade through
  • Include your personal contact details in the message or signature of your email, so that members can reply to you directly if appropriate
  • Ensure that your email is being sent from the subscribed email address. The Listserver will only accept messages from your registered email address.