Jun 29, 2017

June Board Report

Read the June Board report for an update on ARATA strategy and operations, and what this means for ARATA members

Firstly, it was grea to see so many ARATEE"s at the Sydney and Brisbane ATSA Expo's! Rachael Schmidt and Sue Lord were the Board members present and co-ordinating a team of willing volunteers and presentation participants. The ARATA presentation maps our actions to our strategic objectives and  will be made avalable shortly via the website.

An update on ARATA strategy and operations

ARATA has been in operation for nearly 25 years and ARATA Board members have, to date, combined strategic and operational tasks as we have had no ‘staff’ as such. As ARATA developed and as the regulatory and policy environment has changed, strategic planning processes commenced.


To ensure ARATA’s strategic planning and operations are aligned with contemporary corporate governance practice, whole-of-Board governance training was held with specialists in non-profit boards, Associations Forum in March 2017. At the same time, a Constitution Review and environmental scan helped us refresh our documentation and revisit our strategic priorities.

 The majority of the ARATA Board also attended Foundations of Directorship Course (Australian Institute of Company Directors) along with other professional associations and stakeholders from the assistive technology sector in Melbourne from 22-24 June 2017.


We are taking steps to enable ARATA’s Board to perform governance rather than administrative functions.  Negotiations are underway to contract appropriate administrative /executive services to support ARATA’s logistics and administrative processes. The successful applicant is Association Professionals, an organisation which provides administrative and executive support to largely non-profit and professional association Boards. Members may note streamlined payment portals and membership processes, availability of a phone number for member queries, and new webinar education options coming soon. Evaluations are also underway to identify web solutions which meet ARATA’s membership, credentialing tool, listserv and Conference requirements as well as housing our current accessible website content.


ARATEE’s who chose to join our Board (look out for Call for Nominations prior to our September AGM) will be joining a strategically focussed Board, supported by professional administration.

ARATA membership fees have increased slightly for this financial year in part to enable us to move to this professional footing. Diversified income streams are also on the Board agenda.

Members will be asked to vote in the revised Constitution at the upcoming 2017 AGM in September. Broadly, membership categories have been reviewed to enable organisational members to join: more information regarding the Constitution amendments will be made available shortly.