The ARATA Soft Technology Awards

Soft technologies include the knowledge, experience and ingenuity of the AT practitioner and the structure of the service system which are very important in the effective uptake and utilisation of assistive technologies. This ‘human’ element of our AT system ensures that technologies are accessible to people who require them, that the ‘best’ technology is identified for each individual, and that technologies can be used effectively.

ARATA is the Australian association whose purpose is to serve as a forum for information sharing and liaison between people who are involved with the use, recommendation, customisation, supply and ongoing support of assistive technology.  Our strategic goals include:

  • To influence policy and sector reforms

  • To formally recognise skills & knowledge in the speciality areas of rehabilitation & assistive technologies

  • To engage with ARATA members and community

  • To develop and strengthen ARATA’s national identity

  • To ensure ARATA’s sustainability and financial viability.

The ARATA Soft Technology Awards exist to recognise developments, improvements and innovations in service delivery to AT users and in the AT service industry. The aim of the awards is to promote quality service delivery, to acknowledge excellence in service provision and recognise contributions to ARATA. The awards are offered in two categories:

  • Recognising Achievement in Assistive Technology Services

  • Recognising contribution to the vision and activities of ARATA (available to ARATA members only).

Nomination Process

Nominations for Achievement in Assistive Technology Services will be accepted for individuals or organisations. Nominations for the ‘Contributions to ARATA' award will be accepted for people who are current ARATA members. People or organisations can self nominate or can be nominated by any other person. 

Nomination timeframe: prior to Biannual Conference. 

Each nomination will be considered on its own merits and a decision made based on the information provided in the application form. The ARATA Board will consider all applications and determine the recipients for each category.  The board may seek additional information or clarification from the nominee or nominator to assist in determining the award recipients. The decision of the Board is final.

Areas to address:

Award 1 - Assistive Technology Services

  • Impact on AT users or consumers of AT services – including long term benefits

  • Evidence of effectiveness or improvement in the quality of service delivery

  • Demonstration of innovation or leadership

Prize:        $300.00

Award 2 - Contribution to ARATA

  • Demonstrated commitment to progressing the vision and activities of ARATA  

Prize:        $300.00



The award recipients are announced at the closing ceremony of the National Assistive Technology Conference and in following ARATA news, newsletters and online media.  Recipients do not need to be present to receive the award.


For further enquiries please contact the ARATA Vice President