ARATA Board, 2019 - 2020

ARATA is governed by a Board comprising a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and up to 6 additional members.  Each member of the Board is, subject to the Constitution, elected by vote prior to the annual general meeting of ARATA and will hold office for a period of two years. ARATA takes a proactive approach to recruiting AT users to the Board.  


Dr Libby CallawayPresident:  Dr Libby Callaway PhD, Occupational Therapist | Monash University, Victoria

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Fraser ClarkeVice President:  Fraser Clarke, Occupational Therapist | Therapy Equipment Professionals, WA

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Elizabeth NadeSecretary: Elizabeth Nade, Occupational Therapist | Cerebral Palsy Alliance, NSW

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Stephen HaleTreasurer: Stephen Hales, Occupational Therapist | Stephen Hales Occupational Therapy Services, Queensland

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Andrew CongdonAndrew Congdon, Occupational Therapist | AT Lab, Northern Territory

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Jenni DabelsteinJenni Dabelstein, Phyiotherapist | Gizmo Rehabilitation, Queensland

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Andrew DaviesAndrew Davies, Adaptive Technology Co-ordinator | The Royal Society for the Blind (RSB), South Australia

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Natasha LaytonDr Natasha Layton PhD, Occupational Therapist (Immediate Past President and International Lead) | Monash University, Victoria

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Liza MacleanLiza Maclean, Occupational Therapist | Insurance and Care (icare), NSW

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Michele VerdonckDr Michele Verdonck PhD, Occupational Therapist | University of Sunshine Coast, Queensland

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