My Assistive Technology Outcomes Framework

is a set of practical tools for use by AT consumers and their allied health practitioners. 



What does My Assistive Technology Outcomes do? 

The Framework translates and scales assistive technology and service delivery research evidence, filling a gap in policy-relevant, consumer-focussed outcome measurement. You can complete as many of the Tools as you like. A Report will be generated that summarises your AT and your outcomes. You can use this Report to support you in meetings with planners, AT practitioners or funders. 

What are the My AT Outcome Framework Tools? 

Four tools capture important outcome dimensions:

  • My Supports
  • My Outcomes
  • My Costs
  • My Rights

Two tools capture the experience of getting assistive technology: 

  • My Service Delivery Pathway
  • My Customer Experience

Two tools enable AT consumers to summarise and report on their AT use and outcomes. 

  • Summary Tool 
  • Summary Report

Who can use My AT Outcomes Framework? 

  • Users of any assistive technologies and/or environmental adaptations. 
  • Young adults through to elders
  • The online Framework and Tools are fully accessible.   


When should I use My AT Outcomes Framework? 

You can:

  • Use the Tools to describe the AT you current have, and what it does for them. 
  • Use the Tools to explore how life would be different with other types of AT. For example, how would life be different with a manual wheelchair compared with a power wheelchair. 
  • Record how you are going with your funded AT at important time points, for example after each NDIS Plan or before and after an Aged Care Home Care Package.

More information?

Click here for background information on the My AT Outcomes Framework

Click here for the My AT Outcomes Framework presentation at the AATC 2018 where over 270 participants across the sector, reviewed and endorsed the Framework.