Finding out what AT you need


Evaluating your assistive product or environmental modification options can be complex. Evidence suggests up to 30% of assistive products are purchased but not used. It is important to consider the match between your physical or cognitive needs, the environments in which you need to live, work and play, and your goals.


Where can I get advice?


  • Information and Advisory Centres: Independent Living Centres  provide independent, commercially unbiased, actionable information and advice on assistive technology and modification options. Staffed with health practitioners and expert AT users and offering showrooms and online or telephone advice,  Independent Living Centres can be found in each state and territory

  • Health professionals: A range of allied health, rehabilitation, engineering and nursing professionals are trained in specific areas of assistive technology. The Therapy Choices website enables you to explore what different health professions can offer, to browse your choices by daily living area, and to hear from AT users about what was useful

  • Specialist centres: Organisations which provide information on specific impairments (such as vision, hearing, deafblindness) specific disorders (such as motor neurone disease Parkinsons, or Alzheimers Disease) often have specialised advice to offer on the assistive technologies, strategies and modifications which may assist.

  • Local community health facilities and networks: Each local government area in Australia has a community health service or primary health care network, as well as aged care assessment services.