Assistive Technology Training & Development

There are many ways people, suppliers and service providers keep up to date with their assistive technology learning and education needs.

Below is a list of organisations, networks and resources that can assist you with your assistive technology learning and education needs.  Don't forget that your local suppliers may also run training and workshops.


Global Research, Innovation, and Education in Assistive Technology (GREAT) Summit, as a GATE initiative, was held on the 3rd - 4th August 2017 at WHO headquarters in Geneva. The Summit brought together nearly 200 AT stakeholders including expert users, global researchers, innovators and educators to discuss service delivery, research education and training related to assistive technology policy, products, personnel, provision and use.

The GREAT Summit advanced the global research agenda priorities by establishing research collaborations across: 

  • effects, costs and economic impact of assistive technology

  • assistive technology policies, systems, service delivery models and best practices

  • high-quality and affordable assistive technology

  • human resources for the assistive technology sector

  • standards and methodologies: assessment of assistive technology needs and unmet needs

This was achieved through the invited speaker presentations, breakout sessions focussing on key areas of development, and commencement of five position papers on people, policy, products, personnel, and provision (soon for publication).

Education resources:

GREAT Summit Speaker slides are available for download from the GATE website[1], providing an insight into both groundbreaking research areas and AT user experiences globally.

The) Global priority research agenda for improving access to high-quality affordable assistive technology: WHO or this link

The Priority Assistive Products List (APL) ( , which includes 50 products selected on the basis of widespread need and impact on people’s life. The APL is a guide to enhance production and service  delivery, to develop reimbursement policies and to shape markets

An important strategy of the GREAT Summit was the invitation to all participants to submit a one page ePoster or Innovation Snapshot, showcasing AT products or services with a view to sharing these with global colleagues. These 92 Snapshots include many product innovations (

NEXT STEPS Everyone is welcome to join the GATE Community ( to connect with global colleagues and be involved in progressing assistive technology access for all. Joining the GATE community means access to the current wave of region-specific networks which were suggested at the GREAT Summit. Alongside the proposal for regional hubs is the active pursuit of research funding, for use across populations or member states, to provide more powerful, pooled data sets to evidence the effectiveness of AT




Independent Living Centres of Australia


Located throughout Australia, the independent living centres provide a range of face to face and online training options across the spectrum of aged groups and assistive technology practice.


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