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Welcome to the Assistive Technology Practitioners Directory.  This directory contains a listing of Assistive Technology providers including expert AT users, allied health practitioners, equipment suppliers of AT products and services, AT educators and advisors.  To utilise this directory you may click MORE to identify a range of details and skills, or search by locality to its full extent, enter with your postcode and the kilometre range you would like to search from your post code entered.  Be sure to click on the more, pdf and map buttons to view the full extent of the practitioner's details and skills.  For more information in regards to the individual practitioner, please contact them directly.  Happy searching!


About your listing:

To ensure your listing is accurate and give the best chance of AT users contacting you enquiring about your service, please review your details when you renew your membership or proceed to MyARATA at any time to update.  Please include your area code into the phone number field and ensure your contact details are accurate.  You can update your details and skill areas in your membership section on the ARATA website using your login details.  Accurate listings will give you the best possible chance of contact and referral!


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