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World Health Assembly Resolution on Assistive Technology

Friday 06, Jul 2018

The 71st World Health Assembly in May 2018 in Geneva, Switzerland passed an important Resolution on Improving Access to Assistive Technology. This Resolution will be a game-changer for governments internationally, calling for action to improve access to high quality and affordable assistive products for those who need them.

See the World Health Organisation discuss AT with Dr Sana Hafeez (WHO Global Access to AT Champion) and Dr Daniel Graymore (UK  Department for International Development).

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Pakistan, Turkey,Ecuador and China were co-sponsors of the Resolution on Improving access to assistive technology which was passed by the 71st World Health Assembly in May, 2018.

Australia spoke in favour of the motion, as did Bhutan, Brazil,US, Korea, Libya, Malaysia, Japan, South Africa, Bahrain, Iraq,  the Dominican Republic, Thailand, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Germany, Tanzania, UK, Qatar, Suriname, Zimbabwe, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Peru, Israel, New Zealand, Syria, Vietnam and Belgium. A number of non-state actors also spoke in support including Humanitarian Inclusion, HelpAge International, the International Federation of Medical Students Association and Medicus-Mundi International.

ARATA are collaborating with WHO GATE members to conduct a content analysis of the Statements made by these member states in support of the Resolution. Together, they present a powerful snapshot of the need for AT, current gaps, and the range of societal, governmental, trade-related, and individual actions which need to occur to ensure equity and access for all.

Contact Dr Natasha Layton, ARATA President if you are interested in contributing to this project.