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ME-067 Assistive Technology Products for Persons with Disability Meeting Number 52 held in Melbourne on the 12th and 13th of November.

Friday 07, Dec 2018

An information page on ARATA’s work in Australian and International Standards can be found on the ARATA homepage at the following link

  1. Review of Australian standards: AS/NZS 3856 part 1 and 2: Hoists and ramps for people with disabilities—Vehicle-mounted:   A project proposal will be submitted next year and if the proposal is accepted the committee is also considering merging both the standards into one. The committee will also be looking at the relevant   ANSI-American National Standards Institute standard and Road vehicle standards bill if the project proposal is accepted.
  2. Review of AS/NZS 3973:2009 Shower/toilet chairs (mobile and static): The committee has received interest from various professionals to look into reviewing this standard and it was agreed to form a subcommittee with all the members who have expressed interest.  One of our committee members Christopher Bryg had worked on the revision of this standard before and has agreed to take lead on this project. In the next few months Chris will make a start comparing both AS/NZS 3973 with ISO 17966:2016. Chris will then get in touch with all the subcommittee members but it is not going to be  before Feb next year as the ME-067 has a few other projects to complete/start before the reviewing  this one.
  3. Strategy to deal with media inquiries : The committee discussed a strategy to handle all the media related queries and acknowledge the need to provide a consistent message from the point of view of ME067 and the enquires would be forwarded to the project manager.
  4. Aged Standards Review :AS/NZS 3696.2:2008 Wheelchairs determination of dynamic stability of electric wheelchairs : the committee agreed to do an identical adoption ISO 7176-2:2017  Wheelchairs -- Part 2: Determination of dynamic stability of electrically powered wheelchairs, a project proposal would be submitted very soon.
  5. AS 3954-1991 (R2014): Motor vehicle controls - Adaptive systems for people with disabilities: All public comment resolutions have been endorsed by the committee and the changes are incorporated into the draft. Some final delays have persisted in regards to copyright but this should be resolved in the next month.
  6. AS/NZS 3695 Wheelchairs Part 2: Requirements and test methods for electrically powered wheelchairs (including mobility scooters): The committee resolved all the technical and the editorial public comments that were made. The committee also discussed that although the requirements of battery charger are discussed in the relevant ISO standard the batteries themselves are not covered. The committee agreed that appropriate risk assessments need to be conducted if other battery technologies are being installed and the manufacturer is responsible for providing the risk assessment template.
  7. International Participation of the ME-067 committee members: The committee endorsed the following members to participate and attend ISO meetings and some of the key action/ discussions that are taking place include :


Report by Robert Bingham


  • New standard on Li-ion batteries has been submitted but it is still in draft stage only
  • ISO 7176-8:2014 Wheelchairs -- Part 8: Requirements and test methods for static impact and fatigue Strengths: Draft standard to be prepared in the next 2 months which will include recommended variations to the existing drum test.


Report by Andrew Rose

  • ISO 10535.  Hoists for the transfer of disabled persons – Requirements and test methods is currently being reviewed as  this standard is now outdated following recent developments in electronics, robotics, powered mobile hoists


Report by Natasha Layton


  • Natasha provided an overview of her international participation noting the development of ISO 9999 which is an integral document across TC 173 documents.
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