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ISO/TC 173 Assistive Products Seminar in Kenya

Sunday 20, May 2018

The Seminar was held as a free public event after the first ever International Standards Meeting of Technical Committee 173 (assistive products) to be held on the African continent.

ARATA members Rob Bingham and Natasha Layton attended on behalf of Standards Australia. Our Presentation specifically covered ARATA’s resources and the possibility of a community of practice such as ARATA being a model for African AT stakeholders. Many Kenyans and Tanzanians attended and initiated a mailing list and contact into the WHO GATE group who may be able to support a ‘regional AT’ group within GATE. I was requested to assemble some of the freely available ARATA resources such as good practice in AT statements, to circulate to the group.



Click here to view the ISO Seminar ARATA Presentation