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ARATA Face to face Strategy Meeting

Wednesday 25, Apr 2018

Highlights from the meeting include:

  • Conference co-convenors Libby Callaway and Tracey Bode provided a thorough update on the Melbourne conference in November. This is making fantastic progress with excellent uptake of sponsorship opportunities and a range of exhibitors already signed up. A reminder to everyone that the call for papers is currently open
  • Assistive technology practitioner directory:  Rachael Schmidt provided the Board with an overview of the extensive progress that the sub-committee has made. Thank you to all ARATA members who have been involved with this project. The Board is looking forward to progressing the next phase of the project which involves the design and implementation of an online system to host the data.
  • International Representation: ARATA President Dr Natasha Layton is invited to be a Plenary Speaker at the 2018 RESNA Annual Conference in Arlington, Virginia in July 2018. A week of engagement with RESNA staff and its professional development arm is planned.
  • Strategic plan review:  The Board reviewed and refreshed ARATA’s strategic goals – these will be released for comment soon. We were joined by Association Professionals (AP) our secretariat and administration service to conduct an interim review 8 months into our 2 year contract.
  • Board Renewal Planning for 2018/2019:  Board continuity and renewal was discussed. Some of our longstanding Board members have indicated intentions to step down, and so we will begin to canvass the ARATA membership and strategic sources to recruit new Board members for appointment at the November 2018 AGM. Please consider whether you would be interesting in joining our dynamic team –gaining a representation opportunity on a National peak body at with a strategic Board and on Board subgroups in your area of passion. Look out for details in forthcoming postings. Our recent Board Skills Audit also indicates the need to recruit financial, legal and policy/governance skillsets to the Board so we are exploring philanthropic and probono networks to diversify our overall skills mix and capacity to meet our strategic objectives.